Power Transmission Products

By developing its own range of solutions for power transmission, SKF is able to offer well matched products. Thus, giving you a wide choice for better performance at an optimum cost level. SKF power transmission products encompasses belts, pulleys, chains, sprockets, couplings and bushings.

Ask us for more details about the availability of the new SKF line of power transmission products, and how they can help your plant achieve a new level of productivity.


  • Oil and heat resistance/anti-static properties exceed industry standards
  • Globally sourced rubber along with stringently controlled tension members provide the superior performance expected from SKF
  • Timing belts made of polyurethane with steel cords are also available
  • State-of-the-art electronic rubber blending/mixing processes maintains superior quality
  • Tight tolerance stability during the manufacturing process along with superior raw materials eliminates the requirement to match individual belts to a single drive


  • Pulleys are all statically balanced to provide true running tolerances at higher speeds
  • Dynamic balancing is also available on request
  • All pulleys up to 300 mm (12 in) of outside diameter are boxed; pulleys over 30 kg (66 lbs) are base mounted


  • From the raw material to the finished product, SKF’s chain is superior in design: 100% pre-stressing, 100% pre-loading and running prior to packaging
  • SKF uses a heavy pre-lubrication process to enable optimum storage life; all of SKF chain is fully wrapped in plastic prior to being boxed
  • A very large range of plating is available: Dacromet, nickel, zinc and stainless steel
  • SKF also supplies a full range of conveyor chain for every application


  • All sprockets are oiled, bagged, sealed and then boxed; this enables the product to always reach the customer in excellent condition
  • Sprockets are also available with hardened teeth, bored and keyed to size
  • All sprockets up to 300 mm (12 in) of outside diameter are boxed; sprockets over 30 kg (66 lbs) are base mounted


  • Flexible tyre, jaw, chain, gear, grid, FRC, universal and rigid couplings; no matter which coupling your application requires
  • SKF offers options for bushings, bored to size or simply piloted
  • All couplings are boxed or bagged for protection; couplings over 30 kg (66 lbs) are base mounted for ease of handling and safety


  • Taper bushes are designed for quick and easy installation and removal with basic tools, resulting in minimum downtime each time they are fitted
  • The wide range of metric and imperial bore sizes 9–290 mm (3/8–12 in) available offers you off-the-shelf availability and eliminates the need for time consuming machining of products
  • Each bush has a number of different bore sizes which translates to a reduction in the number of components that have to be held in stock thereby reducing inventory costs
  • The taper bush is designed to accommodate under or oversize shafts enabling a powerful grip even on worn shafts

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