Farhan Ahmed: A 2-Year-Old CHD Warrior

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PCHF regularly holds capacity building workshops with the aim of helping local paediatric cardiology staff improve their technical capabilities.

PCHF 2nd Interventional Cardiology Workshop – September 2019
We held a first of its kind interventional cardiology workshop in south Punjab where a team of doctors from Qatar came and performed complex interventional cardiology cases. 21 children were treated.

Dr. Younes Boudjelamine performing a device closure at Children’s Hospital, Multan
Local health care professionals get hands-on training at C.P.E.I.C., Multan

PCHF 2nd Capacity Building Workshop – November 2019

We held a 2-day training workshop in Lahore and Peshawar in which we provided PCICU training to 200+ medical health professionals in Punjab and KPK.

Last day of the workshop at Rehman Medical Institute, Peshawar.
Workshop attendees and speakers at Children’s Hospital, Lahore.

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