Energy Efficient Bearing

Introducing SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings
The latest SKF Energy Efficient breakthrough is a new family of performance class bearings that have been specially engineered and manufactured to reduce frictional moment by 30% or more beyond the already efficient SKF standard bearings. Reductions can be even more dramatic compared to other manufacturers’ bearings.Because they exhibit ultra low friction, SKF Energy Efficient (E2) bearings enable equipment manufacturers to build greater energy efficiency into their equipment, reducing total cost of ownership for end users. Because they are dimensionally interchangeable with ISO standard bearings, end users can reduce energy use in existing equipment by replacing conventional bearings with SKF E2 bearings.

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings

SKF E2 bearings will be available, off-the-shelf, in common sizes, for a variety of bearing types, starting with single row deep groove ball bearings. In light-to-normal loaded applications such as electric motors, pumps, and conveyors, these ultra low friction bearings offer an excellent way to reduce mechanical friction and thus, energy consumption. Because they can run cooler compared to SKF standard bearings at equivalent loads and speeds, they also may reduce lubricant use and potentially extend the life of equipment. Please note that for extended service life in applications with higher than normal loads, SKF Explorer bearings are still the best choice.

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) spherical roller bearings

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) deep groove ball bearings

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