SKF provides innovative solutions in elastomers or thermoplastics to meet the needs of various industries for static, rotating, reciprocating and bearing seals.

SKF has demonstrated a unique ability in industrial sealing systems to select and develop compounds to produce seals capable of withstanding also extreme operating conditions.Seals and sealing technology are key parts of SKF capabilities. The customers benefit from the synergy of the world’s most experienced bearing and seal experts, working together, sharing more than a century of knowledge to provide integrated solutions to industry’s most critical challenges.

HMS5 and HMSA10

This metric line of rubber outside diameter radial shaft seals is designed in accordance with ISO 6194 and DIN 3760 for use in a wide range of applications. The optimized design provides a very high sealing ability, also at considerable surface roughness, thermal expansion or a split housing. The main features of the new nitrile rubber compound, developed by SKF, are excellent compatibility with synthetic oils and very good pumping ability.

WAVE ® seals

The low-friction WAVE seals with the patented seal lip design are used in a very wide range of applications. The lip has a wave-like form and is efficiently pumping the lubricant back in the cavity while excluding contaminants, regardless of the shaft rotation direction. The wave-like form of the lip creates a wider path on the shaft, which also helps dissipating heat and reducing wear.


The high-performance heavy-duty seals in the HDS7 design consist of a robust metal case, an elastomer body and a springless sealing lip. They are designed for improved grease retention and contamination exclusion. The HDS7 seals are available in three different elastomer materials; NBR, HNBR or XNBR.

HDS1, 2 and 3

The heavy-duty seals in the HDS1, HDS2 and HDS3 designs are the most commonly used metal-cased large diameter seals for general purpose applications. To meet the varying demands, the elastomer part can be manufactured in several different materials; NBR, HNBR, XNBR or FKM.


Heavy-duty seals in the HDSA, HDSB and HDSC series have a robust metal case and an auxiliary wedge-shaped sealing lip to provide extra protection against contaminants. The HDSD seals have two sealing lips facing opposite directions to separate two fluids while the HDSE seals have their two sealing lips facing the same direction to provide additional exclusion ability.

A SPEEDI-SLEEVE is a very thin-walled wear sleeve that enables the shaft to be held in position during installation and does not require you to specify a different seal size. This thin-walled sleeve has a high quality finish to provide an optimal counterface for a radial shaft seal. The sleeve is simply pushed in position over the worn area providing a sealing surface that is as good as a new shaft, if not better.

SPEEDI-SLEEVE is available for shaft diameters up to approximately 203 mm. In applications where no SPEEDI-SLEEVE is available, SKF recommends the use of SKF large diameter wear sleeves (shaft sizes in the diameter range up to approximately 1 143 mm).

® SKF , SPEEDI-SLEEVE and WAVE are registered trademarks of the SKF Group.

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