SKF Mechatronics is the science of combining mechanics, electronics and control into exciting new solutions. SKF Mechatronics covers systems for precision multi-axis positioning, intelligent monitoring and by wire applications, as well as components such as ball and roller screws, actuators, rail guides and sensor modules. A number of mechanical and electronic products are combined into modules and sub-systems addressing unique needs where SKF has specialist industrial-specific expertise.


SKF’s extensive experience and knowledge of actuation systems can help satisfy the most demanding requirements utilizing linear actuators, telescopic pillars, rotary actuators, and control units.

Actuation Systems

  • Linear actuators: wide assortment and types, different designs and configurations are available for industrial or specific health care applications, from high load capacities and high operating speeds to quiet and aesthetically designed systems.
  • Rotary actuators: modular to meet the needs of special design, compact but able to produce high torque, multiple motor options are available.
  • Telescopic pillars: wide assortment and types for several applications, quiet, robust, powerful, attractive design.
  • Control units: application focused system control, connection for foot and hand or desk switches.

Linear Guides

To provide the best performance for all your needs in guiding, the linear guide assortment is composed of these main products: shafts guidings, profile rail guides, precision rail guides, cam-roller guides, miniature slides, standard slides, precision slides, and complete systems.

Main benefits:

  • Shaft guiding: economical and simple, unlimited stroke, self-aligning feature, adjustable preload, high sealing performances, also in corrosion resistant version.
  • Precision rail guides: modular range, different rolling elements cages, high precision, high load carrying capacity and stiffness, also with anti-creeping system.
  • Profile rail guides: unlimited travel, good rigidity capable of withstanding moment loads in all directions, ready to mount, ease of maintenance and reliability.

Positioning Systems

Joining the technological know how of different kinds of linear movement SKF can provide complex and complete solutions for positioning through: miniature slides, standard slides, precision slides, complete systems.

Main benefits:

  • Miniature slides: compact design, high carrying capacity, high running accuracy, long endurance life, high stiffness, easy assembly.
  • Standard slides: several driven or guided versions, fitted with SKF standard components, wide range of strokes and load capacities are available.
  • Precision slides: top and base of grey cast iron, fitted with SKF precision rail guides incorporating crossed roller units, driven by pre-loaded planetary roller screws, limit switches are available, can be assembled to form multi-axis systems.
  • Complete systems: designed from SKF standard components or as special solutions exactly tailored to the respective application.

Ball and roller screws

SKF provides solutions to driving applications that require transforming rotary action into linear motion. The comprehensive assortment of driving products include: rolled ball screws, roller screws and ground ball screws.

Main benefits:

  • Rolled ball screws: several recirculating systems are available, high precision to cover most requirements, backlash can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Roller screws: far beyond the limits of ball screws, ultimate precision and rigidity, high speed and acceleration, backlash can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Ground ball screws: more rigidity and precision.

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